Squad 11

Our newest addition! Built by KME and FRP (Fire and Rescue Products), a 2020 Commercial Pumper built on an International Chassis with a 1500 gpm pump and 1000 gallon water tank. Designed similar to Engine 11, this will replace Engine 113 that has served our department for the last 23 years. It carries fire, rescue and other specialized equipment

Engine 113

1997 KME. Engine 113 was set up similar to Engine 112. It has a 1,000 gallon tank, 1250 gpm Hale pump, 4 SCBA's with 4 spare bottles, 1,000 ft of 5" supply line, two 1¾" attack lines, one 1¾" 'trash' line, deck gun, and QRS equipment. Because it is due at all MVA's, it also has cribbing and a reciprocating saw for basic extracation.

Engine 11

2003 KME. The engine was manufactured with an international chassis. Some of its features are: 

Presented here are photos of the department's current apparatus, as well as equipment it owned in the past.

The above picture, taken in 1888, shows the members of the Central Hose Company, one of the first seven fire companies in Bradford. The persons in the picture are unidentified, except for Charles O'Conner (back row, second from left).

Rescue 11

Rescue 11 is a certified light rescue carrying the following: Holmotro rescue tool complete with spreaders, cutters, and two rams. It also contains plastic cribbing, hand tools, cordless reciprocating saw, rope, winch, cascade system, Haz Mat equipment, and QRS equipment.
  • 1000 feet of 5"" supply line
  • 3 1¾"" preconnects
  • 1 2½"" preconnect
  • Deck gun​​

Utility 11

A 1989 Emergency One mini pumper. Built on a GMC frame, it has a 250 gallon tank with a 250 gallon per minute Hale pump. It also has a 30 gallon class B foam tank; wild firefighting equipment; Haz Mat equipment; fire police equipment; two SCBA's; 300 ft. of 3 inch supply line; and a 4,000 watt generator that powers 4 500 watt halogen pole lights.

​ENGINE 113! $49,000 OBO


  • 1250 gpm Hale pump

  • 1350 gallon water tank

  • 40 gallon foam tank

  • 10K watt hydraulic generator

  • 4 1500 watt pole lights

Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department

This picture was taken in 1955, across from Peterson's Store. The gentlemen standing in front of the equipment are: From left to right, Clyde Norman, Hal Kenyon and Bert Black.