Thank you to all the juniors for help with our dinner!

"Allowing the youth to learn in a safe and controlled environment..."

Pictured right: EMS Coordinator and Active Member Sally Scrivo shows Abbie Kohler how to effectively do CPR.

"Instilling leadership in America's youth..."

Pictured left: Committee Advisor & 2nd Asst Fire Chief Jon Barrett shows past junior Josh Drehmer how to properly don fire gear.

“I love being a part of a family like this and knowing that they have my back and will help me with everything...”  –Abbie Kohler


The DCVFD Junior Program was started in 2016 with 3 new junior members. The DCVFD Junior Firefighter Program grants members 14-17 the opportunity to learn firefighting and EMS skills in a safe and structured environment. Junior firefighters build strong bonds with peers while working together to meet common goals within the program as well as the community. The program is organized and facilitated by active members of the DCVFD. They lead, guide and teach the juniors throughout the program in various areas.

    Although parents/guardians are not required to volunteer their time to the program, we love to get our member’s family involved. These volunteers are instrumental in the success of the program and because our members love to share their junior firefighter experiences with their families, the DCVFD junior program offers many ways for family members to get involved. Parents/Guardians may choose to become members of the DCVFD either by becoming active or becoming a social member. If neither sounds interesting, they can just help at various fundraisers when needed!

“I joined to make a difference in my community and have learned that working with a team is better than working alone…” – Kailei Mason


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“I wouldn’t want to be a member anywhere but Derrick City. I love what we do, love that we are family and we take pride in what we do…” – Josh Drehmer (past junior)


 “I highly recommend joining the DCVFD if  you’re looking to give back to the community,    meet amazing people, and build many skills…” – Charlotte Greene  (past junior)


The mission of the Derrick City Volunteer Junior Firefighter Program is to maintain a safe environment for the youth of our community, to gather for learning many aspects of the fire service as well as provide avenues for social interaction.

     To build each junior up to their potential by focusing on leadership, character, team work and the community while providing an active and enjoyable program for our members, their family, and the youth of Foster Township.

Here is the Junior FF Committee: From L to R- Stephanie Scrivo, Ken Scanlon, Sierra Campbell, Jon Barrett, Jim Kelley. (Not Pictured: Tina Yohe)

What the Juniors are saying.....

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Welcome to the Derrick City Volunteer Junior Fire Department!

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