• Hand tools
  • Cordless Reciprocating Saw
  • Rope
  • Winch
  • Cascade System

Utility 115's last call was in 2022. A 1989 Emergency One mini pumper. Built on a GMC frame, it had a 250 gallon tank with a 250 gpm Hale Pump, as well as had a 30 gallon class B foam tank. It was equipped with wild fire, Haz-Mat & fire police equipment. Along with that it also had 2 SCBA's, 300ft of 3" supply line, and a 4,000 watt generator that powered 4 500 watt halogen pole lights. It served our department for 34 years.  

  • Holmotro Rescue Tool
    • ​spreaders
    • cutters
    • 2 rams
  • Plastic Cribbing
  • Haz-Mat & QRS Equipment



Engine 113's last call was in 2021. A 1997 KME Renegade custom chassis with a 5 man cab (4 SCBA's), top mount pump, 1,000 gallon poly water tank with a Hale 1,250 gpm pump. Engine 113 served our department for 23 years. 

Our newest addition to the fleet! A 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 Quick Attack Utility/Brush. It is a 5 passenger crew cab with a gas HEMI engine. It has an 18 HP 300gpm pump with a Scotty Foam System. It carries 200ft of 1" booster line, 200ft of 1 1/2" preconnect, and 300ft of 3" supply line. It is equipped with wildland ff equipment, chainsaws, QRS with AED, CO & Gas Detection, Fire police/traffic control, HAZMAT equipment, scene lighting and hand tools.

One of our newest additions! Built by KME and FRP (Fire and Rescue Products), a 2020 Commercial Pumper built on an International Chassis with a 1,500 gpm pump and an 1,000 gallon water tank. Designed similar to Engine 11, this will replace Engine 113 that has served our department for the last 23 years. It carries fire, rescue and other specialized equipment.



  • 1250 gpm Hale pump
  • 1350 gallon water tank
  • 40 gallon foam tank
  • 10K watt hydraulic generator
  • ​4 1500 watt pole lights
  • 1000ft of 5" supply line
  • 3 1 3/4" preconnects
  • 1 2 1/2" preconnect
  • Deck gun


Derrick City Volunteer Fire Department

Rescue 11 is a certified light rescue carrying the following:



2003 KME. The engine was manufactured with an international chassis. Some of it's features include: